Fife Online Referral Tracking

The FORT System delivers a secure solution to help advice services track client referrals - 
We have 7 years experience of deploying client management tools across a complex advice landscape

An essential solution for your service

The FORT CRMS provides a secure platform for hosting your client information and 
developing partnership approaches to case management 

FORT Support - become a power user

You need trained on the FORT system but one session is never enough - 
The FORT Support site offers access to a variety of FORT training & support options

Referral - A Core Service

Because if you can't help - someone else can

Referral and signposting across the advice and rights sector can often be patchy or ad hoc and depend on personal relationships between frontline staff. FORT can help foster the development of a culture of advice in which referral and signposting is consistent and routine.

Referral and signposting are often a vital part of delivering an holistic response to ensure a client gets the right help from the right people at the right time. FORT helps you to help your clients.


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Manage a Complex Case Load


The FORT CRMS is used as the information infrastructure for partnership working- FORT CRMS allows partners to share client information and to track outcomes across multiple agencies.

Our CRMS is flexible enough to meet any reporting requirements you have and with multiple nested access from a single login the system makes it easy for workers to update records.

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